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Iamfame pronounced I Am Fame is a Multi dimensional Artist. He writes, produces, performs all original work as well he is a incredible lyricist and story teller. Originally from Riegelwood North Carolina he now lives in Sacramento California representing as he calls it Two States at the same damn time. Iamfame has been writing for other artist for years and is now preparing for his step into the line light. Reaching back to his Carolina Roots Iamfame teams up with the Ambassador of the Carolina’s Multi platinum artist and song writer Petey Pablo to bring to life his new hit record to the worlds ear titled Lola which to him means (Family). With the services and co sign of Petey Pablo Iamfame is now bringing his Riegelwood home town to the home front and giving the world his side of the story. Produced Awaz Beats, Lola is a harmonic catchy but cleverly put together song that has a powerful bouncy to it with a clear and aggressive flow. As he opens up the first bars saying (in the lobby ritz Carlson man oh man what a feeling,, took a long time to get here cause they ain’t want us in the building,, they ain’t want us causing problems had us signing disclaimers,, twelve deep dressed in all white I guess we really had them nervous) Iamfame dives right in to how the industry has been with him and how he has lost more than he has gained thus far. He does not shy away from the conversation of fake friends loved ones and all that he has lost he embraces the stage and platform to address those things. Please enjoy Hip hops newest sensation Iamfame and his hit record featuring Petey Pablo , Lola .

Twitter: @mriaf
Facebook: Iaf Fame
Email: book.iamfame@gmail.com


Strych9 Musik

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Music producer and songwriter Strych9 Musik is set to release “Overdose”, an R&B compilation album, solely produced by him, on all digital platforms on Sept 5th, 2017.

“Overdose” features tantalizing melodies and passionately conveyed lyricism from great artists such as Ashten Majors, Fitzgerald, Ryan Drews, RoyyalT, and Ashley Nicole that delivers an emotionally charged story of passion, sensuality, heartache, and breakup that R&B fans can identify with.

Fitzgerald performs the lead single on “Overdose”. His distinct, smooth, and sensual voice conveys a situation where he realizes his fantasies and intimate encounters with another woman is affecting his current relationship.

“Heartbreaker” is performed by Ashley Nicole feat. Chi The Realist, whose soulful voice and unique texture delivers an emotionally charged story of a woman whose selfishness brings about the demise of her relationship, breaking her man’s heart.

“S.I.N.G.L.E.”, by Ryan Drews, was written after a recent break up with his ex-girlfriend. He was at a stage where he just wanted to enjoy the ‘single life’, but his ex-girlfriend continued to question his whereabouts and whom he was spending time with.
This album is an opportunity to showcase Strych9’s abilities as a music producer working on a full-scale project and gives exposure to artists he’s built relationships with over the years. Strych9 is a music creator, producer and owner of Magnum O.P.U.S. based in St. Louis, MO. He is the founder of “We Create Music”, a growing social community of music creators that believes in collaborating and empowering other music innovators and entrepreneurs.


Social Media Links:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/strych9musik
Instagram: www.instagram.com/strych9musik
Web: www.strych9musik.com
Email: brianvaughan2@gmail.com


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iCon is an artist, businessman, producer, and a rising star.

As a DMV native, iCon was born into a musical family where he mastered instrumentation and found a love for music at a young age.

Like many with a passion for music, iCon felt trapped in life following the direction of others. In 2017, he decided to drop out of college and chase his music dreams. With the drive of Diddy and a music style similar to Bryson Tiller, Ty Dollar $ign, and Travis Scott, iCon is on a mission to make an unforgettable imprint on the music industry and won’t stop until this mission is complete. Welcome to the official music, media, and merch page of the future legend, iCon.


Social Media Handles:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iconprod_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iconprod_/
Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/iconproductionz/
Email: somethinepicbiz@gmail.com


4Ren Marcus

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1.BG Closed Case Intro
2. Get This Money Ft. Meechie
3. Hard Nights
4. Got It 5.
5. Problem Child
6. In The System
7. Pain Remix
8. Yaself

Soundcloud Links: https://soundcloud.com/marcus954eva/yaself-prod-by-mookmadeit 

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/MG86FNmSx5c

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_OHOMOL
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/4renmarcus/
Email: jorgehitch95@gmail.com

FLX (short for reflex)

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reFLX Presents “Remember Me†a track centered on going through the rocky last stages of an unstable relationship with wishful thinking knowing it won’t work. Reflex (based out of Georgia) started with nothing but an iPhone, GarageBand, and a headset singing in his closet after everyone else in the house had long since fallen asleep. Four years later in present day he is quickly being established as someone to be taken serious with ambition comparable to none.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeauxMalone
Email: mjgotgame9@yahoo.com

B Starr

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Bajan born artist, BSTARR, is building a global following by creating a unique and powerful fusion of reggae and hip-hop. His upcoming release, “Mek Ya Say” (Spectra Music Group/Tabletop Records), is sure to be a chart topper in the Caribbean market and offers a great opportunity for hip-hop crossover. Get in the game early on this rising talent and be sure to add his latest release to your rotation.
 Music Link: http://www.tabletoprecordsllc.com/bstarr-press-only/

Digital Store Links:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-dawning/id1293349097
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/BSTARR_The_Dawning?id=B3tm5dfeptq66e7oxkyqeheildi
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076632CZL
Website: https://4therecord.myshopify.com/collections/bstarr-collection


Twitter: https://twitter.com/bstarrofficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/iiam_bstarr
Table Records: http://www.tabletoprecordsllc.com/artist/bstarr/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/THABAJANSTARR
Website: https://www.bajanstarr.com/
Artist Page: http://www.tabletoprecordsllc.com/artist/bstarr/
Email: bstarrofficialll@gmail.com

Ldg Is Like

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ndependent underground artist LDG IS LIKE, is finally back on his grind and re-branding his label (WLR) from top to bottom. With LDG’s new Single, BLOW, he’s doing exactly that. Blow, is the leading record off of the soon to come album, Dedicated to My Enemies, available on all streaming services and digital retailers.

LDG is a veteran in the Akron music scene and has been earning his keep as of late. The completion of 3 albums in 2016/2017 are now in the process of being pressed up and released. Blow being the first official single in almost two years should create some major excitement for fans. The Single is has a Club feel but structured with top notch lyrics. Packed with creative lines, double entendres, and metaphors every type of person is bound to find themselves moving to this record.

LDG says the song was inspired by one of his favorite boxers, Gennady Golovkin (Triple G). Golovkin is known to be one of the most devastating knockout punchers in the sport of boxing today, validating LDG’s claims of his Blow, and “packing a punch”. The beat was produced by Mad Real and recorded by Nathan Vail, in Kenmore, Ohio at Just a Dream Studios. You can stream the song on Spotify here: https://goo.gl/hcefrB it’s also available on Amazon, ITunes, Apple Music, Tidal and more! Visit www.wonloverecords.com for updates on LDG IS LIKE.


Twitter: www.twitter.com/ldgislike
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ldgislike
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ldgislike
Email: larrydawson704@gmail.com