“All I Want To Do Is Make You Cum Again & Again & Again” By Marques Zane Son Lewis

I am after you don’t let me beg my sex game will get you high you won’t even have to smoke

My touches will make your body shiver

I’m the type to fuck you, suck the cum out of you, and after that cook for you

Everyday I come to your page to just admire your body it’s a wonderful sight

Your hair, eyes, thighs, legs, lips, figure, skin, and the way you pose

You like looking directly at me and i just want to jump through the screen

No I can’t do it but I can have my dreams and nightmares when I think you really there with me

I know you wouldn’t even suspect for me to be after you but come on who wouldn’t

I got to let you know my dream that made me lose my mind and maybe it will send a signal to your body

I don’t even know where we were at I just remember looking at you and you looking at me like what you going to do with all of this…

Well great question but the question is what am I not going to do to you come here come closer….

Come here baby look into my eyes tell me what you see….I see a man that is about to give you what your body been waiting for

The respect your pussy need and to get all that stress bottle it up and make it cum so I can taste all of it

Hold me wrap your arms around my neck look in to my eyes now kiss me your lips taste so soft

I pull you a little closer so you can my dick get a hard our breaths are meeting each other and I can your body getting weak

You melting in my arms your hands on my arms feeling my muscles while I kiss under your neck as you lay your head back and let out a deep breath

My breaths are deep too you like how on you and massage your body with my hands you like my warmth what you want next M.Lewis 118

My kisses go down to your chest area licking your smooth skin and I love your smell its just does something to me

I hold your breasts in my hand and lick your nipples and suck on them and blow on them to get hard do you like that

Look at me baby while I kiss on your stomach and kiss your navel a kiss while you place your hand on my head

On my knees I can smell that fresh pussy begging for attention and ready to be pleased I’m coming you don’t have to beg

Put your leg on my shoulder and hold on my head while I taste you with my hands wrapped around your legs

Do you me a favor use this hand and spread your pussy lips for me so I can tease her

I give your pussy a kiss and smell it and stick my fingers in your pussy take it out and suck the juices off of my fingers

Oh yea I am ready to lick so I stick my long tongue out and gently lick your pussy on each lips real slow while you look at me

How does that feel baby i see you biting your lips as my hot tongue and breaths on your pussy let my tongue laid across your pussy

My tongue licking your pussy lips while you grip my head tighter and off balance while i let my tongue drag to your thighs

Giving you quick licks and massaging your ass kissing your thighs to your feet go ahead and turn around for me baby

I bend you over with your legs spread I stand up start with a smack on your ass lick the back of your

Neck to your back to your back giving you one big lick between your ass crack and pussy while you moan as I spread your ass-cheeks and start to eat you from the back

Holding both of your ass-cheeks while your juices splash on my lips and my nose is wet to mmm you taste so good you want to cum in my mouth

Cum on baby I’m sucking the life out of you because you deserve it you deserve that cum out of your system come on baby splash me with your cum M.Lewis 119

I can feel your thighs trembling your body getting weak and see your toes curling I open my mouth wide and you splash all that cum in my mouth

You cum a lot for me baby let me swallow it ahhh cheese its all gone as you fall over yea baby just like that bend that back just a little

I smack your ass and my dick is hard by the scent of your smell spread those legs looking at your wet pussy

I stick my dick in….in and out real slow while I watch your pussy trying to pulling me back I look on the side of you and watch your expressions and moans and your body

I let your ass bounce off of my dick and then place my hands on each side of your hips and start to fuck you fast

Your hair flying around I’m looking up towards the ceiling because I knew it was going to be good but not this good you trying to push me away

I bring you back with your back against my chest and lick the back of your neck as you turn to the side and kiss me and look at me

Oooo your pussy is so wet and hot you got to cum baby okay baby let that cum out for me again i want all that cum out of your pussy give it to me now baby

Oooo shit yea that was good baby fuck….damn you just shivering lay on your back ma let me taste you before i get in your pussy

I stick my tongue out and dump my whole tongue in your pussy and suck all the reminding cum out of you while I look at you and you look up towards the sky with your stomach moving up and down and whimpering

You want me to fuck you ma okay I take my tongue out and get on top of you go ahead and stick it in
Oooo shit that shit kind of tickle I guess cause you so wet in and out slowly kiss me and while our breaths are deep

Kiss my tats on neck and suck on it go ahead it’s yours baby don’t be afraid while i cuff your ass and bring you closer so i can deep in your pussy

I can reach the bottom your g-spot screaming, crying, and erupting that entire stress go ahead mama

Your nails engrave on my back go ahead leave your mark let me know how this dick really is its good huh M.Lewis 120

Say my name while I stroke you even faster shit your pussy is so wet ooo shit you got to cum mama I see your legs shaking

Let me get deeper, deeper, and deeper come on baby cum for me ooo that was good huh let me eat that pussy up

I get out of your pussy and lick all the reminder of the cum damn your toes curling
You want to ride my dick huh come on you hold my dick while you get on top shit ooo that feels good

Grinding your hips on that dick getting me deeper in your pussy while you push my hands back and lick on my chest and suck on my nipples while you look at me all freaky

Ooo your pussy juice just falling down my thighs to my balls and to my legs and you wrap your arms around my neck and suck on my neck

Your ass just bouncing off of my dick just clapping on that dick and I can hear that pussy telling me that she got to cum

I grab control and grab your ass-cheeks and start to fuck you baby yea nothing but dick in you huh you like that shit kiss me

Spanking your ass shit baby you going to make me cum shit you got to cum to I want you to cum before me shit get it baby get yours fuck shit I can’t hold it baby I pull out and cum on your ass…….

My breaths are deep and yours are too I’m sweating your hair is everywhere and you kiss me……

Bad thing about this it was all a damn nightmare because I thought I was really giving you what you need and what I need….To my secret admirer I am hear baby just waiting on you hope you know its you I’m after….until next time y’all! M.Lewis 121


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