What A Man Should Say By Marques Zane Son Lewis

Do you think I am here to love you or destroy you: well you know the way we met that God was working in a mysterious way

When I first saw you I was shy, hands full of sweat, and didn’t know what to say to you

But when I kept walking towards you I got this feeling of courage all over my body and I was determined to talk to you

When I first heard your voice it was like my life stopped because I never heard an angel spoke before

We talked & exchanged numbers & I never knew we would get like this, before you walked in my life it was upside down

I was going through some things & felt less of a man especially not having a strong woman in my life to have my back

But when I made you my friend felt like my life started to get better, and when I made you my woman I didn’t feel like I was on earth anymore It felt like I was in heaven

I asked God numerous times as I prayed to him were you the right woman too give me what I always wanted & that is real love

I never really experience it before & always have but my male ego wouldn’t let me its like my heart was ready but my mind wouldn’t let me function

But the woman I have in my life kept me moving forward & told me never too look back & that’s when I wasn’t afraid anymore I was ready to be loved

It took 4 months, 13 days, 20 minutes, & 34 seconds for me to make the first move to say I Love You

I didn’t hesitate when I felt it & I wasn’t scared because I knew where my heart was at & were it was going to be forever

When I looked into your eyes & told you I love you what did I do I cried right there but I knew I was in love with you

I knew you was the woman I’ve always wanted & there was no turning back no other woman has ever made me felt like this & open me up

I know that God was on my side & had a special princess ready for my castle & it was you baby

I used to go out here and look at the stars at nite wishing for love one day wishing I could have that gorgeous woman that give me chills all over my body

That woman when she is sick I could be a man and take care of her & be by her side from the day until night

I was determined to be ready for my woman because they say from sickness or the bad you need to be there faithful & that’s how I feel

Every time I see you my stomach is filled with butterflies because I know you love me truly like I do

I still be smiling like a kid cause I love you so much & I know you won’t hurt me & you don’t have to worry about me hurting you

I’ve always wanted this but it was blocked because of my friends but my friends want what we have

They can run up and down the street all nite with the woman they have but you know what they don’t have what we have

I know I am shedding tears right now but baby they are tears of joy because I love you so damn much

I swear I didn’t know an angel could fly so low & appear to me I have to be the luckiest man on earth to have you

To me you are the only woman on the earth I don’t see any other woman none catch my eye because you are the finest precious creature on this earth

I finally can say that the best medicine to a woman’s heart is knowing that her man loves her & baby I know you know I love you

You told me that I don’t have to give you the world, don’t have to take you shopping, or the most expensive restaurant

You said just show me you love me and I feel like you gave me the world but baby I’ve been gave you my heart when I said hello

God already written for us to meet he had the planned already for us & he was waiting for the right time for us to get our lives together for each other

I don’t have to give you the world because my heart is the world I do the small things for you because I know you will remember them the most

You are the most gorgeous woman in the world: I rushed to sleep just so I can wake up to see you again

I massage your body because I know work & school stress you, but I know my smile ease the pain

You are my dozen of roses that I see everyday you don’t need water don’t need sunlight just me a man like me by your side to give you happiness, strength, love, & to make you feel complete as a woman should

You believe true love begins when nothing is looked for in return I do too because I can’t live another day without you

You are everything I wanted in woman I can’t fight these tears coming down my face baby damn…

You are the true definition of a woman baby strong, smart, God-fearing, take care of her business, & love deeply

When you are not around me I asked God to protect you from the danger highways, byways, & evil out there

I am at home waiting for you to come into my arms again, to see you once again, safe in me & God arms again

I kneel down praying for you to return & when do you come home I am already relieve cause he told me she is safe

The morning when I am not there I send you texts to make sure you are alive, to let you know that I love you & that you are everything to me

But when I am here with you …you are in my arms head on my chest safe & loved wishing the morning could be all day

I told you this before a couple that prays together stays together and baby this is where I want to stay

The day I walked down the altar with you will be a fantasy, a blessing, and a miracle to me

I wanted to give up a long time ago looking for you but I got an extra push from God that I was getting closer to you!

I never gave up and will never give up on us never baby never, because I know everything won’t be great all the time but believe this there will be more smiles being with me then sad times

When we have our fights baby it’s the devil trying to separate us but we have a fence built around us by God

Nothing will destroy what he put together no devil nor man I love you will all my heart

You are everything I’ve wanted in my life to feel completed like a man to be loved its gorgeous to me

You are my reflection on how I treat you I love you baby always remember that when you go to sleep you are loved now and no one on this planet can take it from you

My world isn’t complete without you, Just having you in my life has been a blessing because I was in the sea of love lost & you came to rescue me from all the fears & danger

When you look into my eyes seems like heaven is right in front of me never leave me my angel please don’t let go of me hold my hands, hold me close to you baby you are my everything I love you
I would give you the last air on earth for you to move on in life that how deep I love you
So let’s us look at the stars together….wait for the shooting star so wish can wish that our love will never die.

But first let us pray, Father God thank you for everything you have done for us.

Thank you for setting each other on the path to find true love, Father God we asked you to bless our relationship that you didnt let us meet each other for a while but for a lifetime,
Father please bless our love In The Name Of The Father, & Son, & The Holy Ghost In Jesus Amen! Thanks baby!
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