Hi! my name is Casey I’m a fourteen year old runaway. the reason why i ran away from home is because my mother is an abusive alcoholic, she has many men coming in an out the house. these men try an act like their my father telling me what to do the one who should be telling me is my mother. one of my mother’s male friends named john tried to molest me, i told my mom and she beat me . that was the last straw for me so i ran away.
and the bad thing about this situation is that i don’t know who my father is, so i couldn’t go stay with him. i couldn’t go stay with family my mother was an only child, my grandmother passed away three years ago. can’t stay with friends because their parents will call my mom. well let me tell you about my mom she puts on a front when she is around other adults, she acts like she is the perfect mom and that she should win mother of the year where we are from they actually give out awards for it.
i still go to school. i sleep on campus i go home and change my clothes and take a shower. i don’t eat anything cause i don’t want her to notice anything is missing. I’ve been using my birthday money that i have saved to eat, i am going to look for a job but my mother has to sign off on it because i am fourteen and you need a parents signature to get working papers. the jobs i can apply for i need that i know how to forge her signature. I’ll do that so i can work save up money and start a bank account, so that when i turn eighteen i can move out on my own.


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