I love it when an indie artist puts out quality work, and puts their heart and soul into it. well Too Raps is doing that he just released his new mix-tape Too Raps part Too. he wants people who already know him not to forget him and those that don’t to get familiar with him. Too Raps is a humble individual who takes his craft seriously. soon he will be dropping his first album and when he does it will be worth the buy. i’m already A FAN you should become one too.

Click link for album download—-> Too Raps Part Too


2 Responses to “MAKING STRIDES”

  1. It’s always good to see someone you went to school with and grew up with doing their thing. There is a lot of talent that was born in Far Rockaway, Queens but are still unseen. It is time to get recognized to the fullest and I believe Too Raps is the person to do it on the music tip. We had Stack Bundles, but he is now gone… But never forgotten (RIP Homie), then we had the Mc Search’s, D-Nice’s and Sporty Thieves… But still Far Rockaway is the minority in the industry. Let this brother get his shine on by listening to his music and circulating it around the ‘Net to all of ur peoples and people’s people. I dream big for my people, hopefully you do the same.

  2. Margaret Tuka Says:

    This is my friend!! Listen he’s great! I love the humor Too puts into not only his rhymes but his life! I have enjoyed his music for awhile and hope he doesn’t forget all of us! He has a genius about him! Enjoy!!

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