Putting The Soul Back In R&B

Since the birth of R&B singers sang songs that made you feel something deep down inside and almost every song had a message in it. now when you listen to R&B music singers are talking about how and what they going to do to you in the bedroom. there is nothing wrong with that but i wish R&B now was like R&B back then when it stood for something. well my wish is coming true by the way of an R&B group called Iconic Soul their bringing back the soul but making it modern i love that about this group. we get so many groups coming in and out of the industry like a revolving door, but with Iconic Soul i don’t the feeling it will happen to them. they are staying true to who they are. Iconic Soul will never change for anyone or the industry just to get to the top. they do the music for the love and their fans the money is secondary. so let Iconic Soul serenade you into becoming a fan forever.


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