A Night Of Talent ( I Am Song Concert Series )

Saturday night at the legendary sugar bar i experienced some great up & coming talent these artist are the future of R&B. The showcase was given by glory ave ent. and the showcase was called i am song, this was the first installment of the concert series. This will be a monthly thing at the sugar bar. The talent that was on was amazing. The first one to hit the stage was an artist named Barry Antoine he had the women captivated by his voice. then came Olivia Gilmore who rocked  the stage. Next on stage was my girl first lady of glory ave ent.  Michelle Singz she owned that stage. After michelle left the stage hot Elliot Maurice came behind her  and made it even hotter he made the ladies in the room feel special. And the last performance of the night was an artist by the name of song bird she kilt it as well. I definitely recommend you be at the next one  to hear the future of R&B. This show was so good  that it got me thinking about singing again and i haven’t sung in front of a crowd in a long time. We have to start supporting all the indie artist  in our area  they have some great music an by not supporting were missing out on some great talent. Everything  we hear on  the radio i won’t consider to be good music but what i heard at the i am song concert series should be on the radio.

glory ave ent


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