Author Brenda Jackson pins Her 100th Novel


Brenda Jackson is the first African American author to pin 100 books not too many authors hit a milestone like this in their career as an author. She started out writing while working a 9 to 5 as many authors do until they are in a place were they don’t need the 9 to 5 anymore and that is what happen with Brenda. Her first book was published in 1995 titled tonight and forever. Her accomplishments are she was the 1st African American author to be published under harlequin/ silhouette desire line of books also first African American author in romance to hit the USA Today and  New York times best sellers list. In 2012 she received the R.W.A  Nora Roberts lifetime achievement award plus many other awards under belt as a writer. when Brenda writes about her characters the story seems so real and you feel like the characters are real people. Brenda is the only author i know with loyal readers that follow her every where she goes this past June she did a cruise to Alaska  and this month she had her 100th book celebration her loyal reader was there to celebrate with  her.  This month she released her 100th book a Madaris bride for Christmas and there is more to come from this phenomenal author  keep checking out for her.


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