The Vintage Trouble Experience

On tuesday night i went to a free concert in my area given by the benzel- busch motor car corp. This concert featured a band i’ve never  heard of called vintage trouble, how i got to  go to the concert was i saw a post on my facebook page from the car company i clicked on it filled out the form and that was that. monday  the 11th i picked up my tickets. I checked out the bands website to hear some their music i actually liked it. Going to the concert i had the mindset that the concert was going to be ok because it was a band i never heard, but to my surprise Vintage Trouble showed up and showed out as the saying goes. I may have not known any of the songs but  each and everyone performed kept my interest on the stage. The lead singer Ty reminded me of James Brown when he was performing on the stage, his dancing was high energy just like James that James himself would be proud if he saw it. You know a concert is good when you got crowd participation and people dancing in the aisles. Ty sang with so much soul i thought i traveled back in time when soul music first started. After experiencing Vintage Trouble they are now one of my favorite bands if they  ever come back to my town i will definitely would go see them again.


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