Uncle Sam

Boston, MA emcee Uncle Sam has been flying under the radar since he first emerged onto the scene a few years ago, but his latest video might be the one to jump start a free flow of new fans. “Who Told You” is a lyricalhommage to all rappers out there who think they have what it takes to hit the limelight, but Uncle Sam and Bakari J.B. are spectating/wondering “who told them they could flow”? It’s a thought that runs through our heads often, so a song touching base on the topic was only fitting.

“This one was a trip to film. Literally. Rose Glen and I were brainstorming a unique location when I came across an article about an abandoned prison camp outside Worcester, Massachusetts. Perfect. The whole theme of Get Off My Lawn revolves around the frustrations of city living. What better way to express that than to shoot the video at a man-made prison re-claimed by nature?

We knew more or less where we were headed, but finding the place ended up being a bit more difficult than we bargained for. As the roads got less and less maintained, Bakari became more and more convinced that we were driving directly into a horror movie. Water was rationed. Escape routes were planned. Somehow we discovered the site before all Hell broke loose. Composure was regained and we headed back to the city with the footage you see above.” – Uncle Sam

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Center is a peek into the mindset behind my next project, The Johnny Appleseed EP, which will tell a distinctly different story than GOML. It’s not slated to come out until early next year, but I had to get this song out before the temps start dropping. Nothing but feel-good vibes and smooth rhymes on this one. It’s also the first collaboration between Teeba and I, who I met at the video shoot for Kid Thinks He’s Nice. He’s a funky dude and I’m sure this won’t be the last time you hear from us.


I’ve known Tim Nihan for a little while now, and we’ve been talking about getting in the studio together for almost as long. In the meantime, we noticed that a LOT of people have trouble telling us apart: we’re frequently tagged as each other in photos, and even his Aunt commented on how handsome her nephew (me) looked in one of them. 

We couldn’t let this confusion continue, so before we recorded our first track together we sat down to record the above PSA. I’m sure it will make things clearer than ever…

Listen to the final product and watch part two of the video below.


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