#Comptober is here! While Composition is getting ready to release his debut mixtape, “Essential Hearing,” we have another leak for you. “I’m Good” covers Action Bronson’s “Bird On A Wire” and addresses the people out to cut Composition’s vision short. Composition makes it clear that he has no time for negativity in his life moving forward and he knows that at the end of the day – he’s good.  The video was shot and edited by Dayo G D’Alelio and was filmed during Composition’s trip to California this past May. He and 14 others from Mass rented a house together while they attended the 2015 TBP MULA Event. “I’m Good” captures the energy of Cali while showing Composition chasing his dreams across the country. Enjoy.


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 BIO: Composition was born in Lynn, Massachusetts and moved shortly after to a small coastal town, Marblehead. Growing up, Comp was always drawn to all different types of music, and was introduced by his father to classics like The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Getting older Comp began to discover his love for hip-hop. He always felt music was his way to express himself, but hip-hop made him feel at home. Comp eventually began writing for therapy, using it to escape some of the struggles he grew up surrounded by. Using the pain, the happiness, and everything in his life around him, he paints a picture hoping someone maybe can relate, and ease their own stress; like hip hop had offered him. Composition hopes to hit the the hearts of passionate listeners, but also keeps the message positive, fun, and true to what hip hop really is. With his mentality long term, he is a force, and this is only the beginning… His name is Composition.


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