Count Alonzo


It’s finally time to turnup everybody! Count Alonzo drops the highly anticipated club anthem called “Party Time”! That track by Sanchezbeatz is bananas! This is from his upcoming project, “Journey of Sir Knox a Locs”.

On “Party Time”, Count paints the picture of a night to remember, where the place is packed with fine chics, bottles, and good drugs. Drink up, Get high, & Fuck Something! Thats the motto on “Party Time”. Just have fun and celebrate life yall!!! 

Count says, “When I wrote the song, I had just been detained in August for suspicion of drug trafficking during my travels to Germany. I was at a rough point, especially while I was trying to find a job so the writing flowed naturally. Berlin, Germany is known for its party scene so it’s only natural that this is a club/dance type song…”

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Website:  coconut alonzo
Instagram: Count Alonzo
Twitter: Count Alonzo
Soundcloud: Count Alonzo
Facebook: Count Alonzo

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