The DML Cartel


Artist: The DML Cartel
Song Title: I’m The One
Soundcloud Link: Click Here

By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, the DML Cartel has stepped outside the cookie-cutter trap that most bands fall into, not to invent a new genre, but to create a musical experiment that breaks down musical stereotypes and unites listeners with a diverse range of musical flavors to suit all tastes. 

We are the common denominators that gravitated to each other because we understand that music is more than just a sound wave… drifting through the in-betweens of inner space. It is a deep rooted calling that drives us to carry it one step, or possibly several steps, forward. To leave it as a calling card for future generations to pick it up and continue the process. 

This is a rock & roll science project. It has everything to do with chemistry. The chemistry between the players, and the chemistry of combining various influences together just to see what it would have sounded like if they had thought of it first.

We are driven with a guttural sense of purpose and determination to forge our own empire and leave behind a legacy of quality music that will live well beyond our time. 


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