G The Mastermind

unnamedArtist: G The Mastermind ft Rey Fonder
Song Title: Be Around
Soundcloud Link: Click Here
Bitly Link: http://bit.ly/1NEfkOY

With the industry oozing with influence by association and headlines full of ‘famous for being famous’ celebrities, G the Mastermind releases “Be Around“, a timely cut convicting the new lair of celebrity that fantasizes being close to the stars.

Featuring southern soul rapper Rey Fonder, the mystifying bass-heavy track vibes out to the realization that a girl just wants to be around to capture that Kodak feel that reveals that she’s in fact connected to the VIPs. Through his familiar trap sultry style, the singer-producer challenges their connection asking “Is she addicted to me or addicted to the lifestyle?”.

After dealing with a wild lover in “Murder She Wrote” and then trying to work through tough love in “Attention“, the bad boy crooner G the Mastermind again takes us into a descriptive scene of relatable drama. With Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner currently topping entertainment news, this release is sure to be #SOMETHINGEPIC.

Twitter – @TheMastermind26
Facebook – facebook.com/GtheMastermind
Instagram – @GtheMastermind
Email: gthemastermind26@gmail.com 


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