Ryan Koriya

unnamedArtist: Ed Sheeran
Song title: Ahead Of US Invasion
Video Link: Click Here
Ryan Koriya embodies the words ‘drive’ and ‘passion’ even coining his acoustic guitar-led music as Passion-Pop.

The classically trained British-Zimbabwean singer-songwriter-producer currently tours solo (unaided) to about 10 countries on 4 continents annually and like Ed Sheeran’s humble beginnings, has busked and often uses couch surfing.

Ryan connects with audiences of any size from house concerts to festivals (Glastonbury UK) with a riveting stage presence and impressive vocals that saw him start touring solo in late 2012 and not stopping for 3 years straight!
Like a one man Pharrell, he pens his songs and brings them to completion by doing everything in between from the singing, instrumentation to production.

An enchanted story hard to believe on paper but captured in full colour:
Beautifully captured on his GoPro, Ryan’s hot new video ‘Drowning In Space’ showcases his current DIY successes revealing many moments of him bringing happiness to fans of all age groups globally.
The video editing and directing again done by himself out of necessity till he connects with the right industry people.

Ryan is shopping for a US label/manager ahead of his move to the States to continue growing his empire of positivity and groove-led inspiration having already performed in LA (House Of Blues), Nashville and New York.


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