Papi Bang


Press Release:
Delaware’s own and Tri-State local artist PAPI BANG has a new mixtape “Godly” which will be released on June 24th. The project will include multiple remixes over Reggaeton Hits, all recorded over with English Lyrics written by PAPI BANG himself. This video preview is one of many Reggaeton songs covered throughout the mixtape “Godly” as well as a few singles “Wave” & “Summer Nights”. This specific song I made a video too is titled “Ayer” which is by one of the Hottest artist in Reggaeton today AnuelAA. The video is Directed by JC.produxtions. It was filmed in PAPI BANG’s home town Wilmington, Delaware.This project has been highly anticipated to be released so watch out for PAPI BANG trying to make history. Stay Godly, Live Godly, Strive to be Godly! Godly 🥑 June 24th
Instagram: @papibang85
Twitter: @papibang85Booking



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