Madame Kapuscinska


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Madame Kapuscinska is an anachronistic artist of modern time being the now. Listening to her is hypnotizing that she sends you on the path of nostalgia all at the same time refreshing so your whole renewed. Its breath taking mesmerizing some call her sounds the new retro. Some resonate with her emotive transfer of expression as the Soul Connector. Modern retro past times slow jamming hip hopped eighties. She is an eighties baby keeping it revitalized and original. Her hit single bout to drop soon Love watch out for the music video and album. Best Independent Upcoming Artist Winner of Chubs Award (2016) is ready to spread her wings. Madame Kapuscinska is a mother of two adorable sons and founder of Kapuscinscy Empire Music Production Record Label. The innovative creation of composition and lyrical arrangements is uniquely out of this world. Madame Kapuscinska’s recent successes have been Miss England Finalist (2010), reaching the Itop Charts top 50 (2014) Best Female Artist Nominee (2015) with Music Director for multi award feature film Return of the Don (2016), Best Female Act Nominee Beffta (2016) Lyricist and Lead Vocalist Gatwick Gangsters (2017). Madame Kapuscinska was music director alongside Kapuscinscy Empire’s music composer and producer DDK Cinematic Sounds who is currently working on her album. They are taking the industry by storm watch this space all in perfect timing of her last term completing her Master’s in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management. This is one to watch out for. Find out more about Madame Kapuscinska via Bentley Records who have recognised the great potential of this incredible artist her E.P. shall be released with them shortly.

vevo: MKMusicVEVO


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