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Press Release: 
Originally from Miami, FL, Faithlyne Desir, soon to be known as Exqwizite, was born on September 22, 1995. Throughout the years, it became evident that Exqwizite had a remarkable aptitude for music. She wrote her first jingle at the age of six and appeared in her first musical performance in the first grade with the children’s choir at the local community center. Initially, Exqwizite began in the choir, but soon branched out to theatre and creative writing. She went on to receive many awards throughout her curricular and extracurricular career. As a high school member of the National Honor Society, Exqwizite proved to be more than beauty and talent; she also possessed a mind capable of achieving what would be unimaginable to some. She would soon find herself on the cusp of making this music dream into reality. Where many would break, she did not fold and proved to be a force to reckon with.

Twitter: @_exqwizite
Twitter: @reekrose211
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greenandwhiteallday/
Email: ricardo.kelly@crowdcontrolent.com


Ls Thrillz

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unnamed (1)

Press Release:
Ls Thrillz is an artist from Niagara Falls Ny sharing his views and perspective Through his unique sounds consisting of hard bass ,smooth melodies and Slumplife vibes.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thrillz_ls
Website: http://www.slumplife.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thrillz4realz_producer_/
Email: thrillz4realz@gmail.com

Fillup Banx

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/fillup_banx
Instagram: https://instagram.com/fillupbanxmusic
Email: fillup.banx@gmail.com

Troy WeekesCreating His Own Lane In Music

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When singing is what you love to do but you don’t fit into any genre so you create your own called soul&b and wonder how will it be received by the people who buy music. well as a radio host i received it very well because i know first hand that troy has talent saw him perform live at the i am song song concert series he did his thing. music lovers all around the world get to know this  artist and become a fan like i am you won’t be disappointed.

New Music- Stokely- Level

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The Mint Condition front man is now doing  his solo thang  with his new single called level Stokely promises he won’t disappoint the fans that have been loving mint condition for years give it a listen and make your own decision.


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Not Your Average Rock Artist

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when you look into a sea of rock artist you may see a handful of people who are of another race and Yuzima one of them. Yuzima has been working the rock scene for a while now and in 2010 he dropped his first album called it’s wonderful, before and after the album he drop cosmonaut ep (2009) and glasnost (2011). well this year yuzima dropped a 20 minute sound opera- project one which is a rock opera. his music is different than most rock you hear today its the kind of music that will stick in your mind and when you play it you will be singing along as well. blacks started rock&roll and yuzima continues to hold the torch to keep it alive in our culture. if your not a fan now please become one he is a great artist yuzima has been interviewed on road to stardom radio and will be featured in the next issue of blakoke entertainment magazine http://www.blogtalkradio.com/btrplayer.swf

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